Conroy Fire Protection can design, supply, install, test, commission and service all types of Fire Extinguishers across Northern Ireland.  Businesses in Northern Ireland are required by law to provide Fire Extinguishers and have them serviced.   Extinguishers should be Inspected and Tested by a competent person annually (As per BS 5306). Conroy Fire Protection offers Extinguisher servicing from just £28.50. 

Extinguisher Location Design

Conroy Fire Protection can visit your premises, we will discuss what level of cover your business/property needs. Whether you need the aesthetics of the building to be paramount, or maybe you are cost sensitive, whatever the situation our trained designer can come up with a solution.

Supply Extinguishers & Equipment

Conroy Fire Protection can supply a wide range of fire extinguishing equipment.  Not only do you get the equipment but you have a knowledgeable company at the end of the phone.  Sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to install it yourself.  After the firefighting equipment has been installed Fire Safety NI can come to inspect, test and commission it if needed.

Intsallation & Upgrades of Fire Extinguishers

Conroy Fire Protection can install fire fighting equipment to suit any size of business from corner shops to hotels and hospitals.  We will meet with you to see what your needs are prior to a quote being issued to make sure we price for exactly what you need.  You may need it to be cost effective or maybe the aesthetics of the building are paramount or possibly a mixture of both.  Whatever the need, we will tailor the install to suit your business. We will also meet with you prior to the start of works and discuss the time scale, areas where we can work around your business to minimize disruption and aesthetics of the installation.

Inspection, Test and Service of Fire Fighting Equipment

Conroy Fire Protection service fire fighting equipment of all makes, models and sizes across Northern Ireland.  

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